Last Night, I Was On Top Of A Big Erection

To see The View From The Shard.

Then a few hours later, I really was on top of…ooh, I say.

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I’m not usually interested in new/modern architecture, but I’m a bit fond of The Shard. I’ve watched it being built since day one as I live only ten minutes away from it, and I walk into The City of London quite often. It’s the first London attraction I’ve been in, in years. I’ve never even been on the London Eye, or to Madam Tussauds yet (only lived here for 20 years) so there’s still time.


But hey, I’m also a ‘London attraction’, and when we meet, you can say that you’ve been in me, hahaha.

A gentleman and I were booked in at the 4.30pm slot, and after the security check (like the airport) we were quickly zoomed up in the first lift, which made my ears pop. Then another lift took us further up to the 69th floor which is enclosed.

The sun was just setting around 4.55pm, so it was the best time to see London change from day to night, and the sun looked like a big fuzzy peach with a pink and yellow soft shimmery glow, like a lava lamp. Ahh, so gorgeous.

But it was really freezing outside! We went upstairs to the open air 73rd floor, the part where you can see the actual ‘shards’ and the sky. The sun was soon going, going, gone, the wind was whistling and then it suddenly started snowing! We had snow on our coats! It was so so cold up there, at over 1000ft, and so we had a quick 360* spin around the floor and hurried back downstairs into the warmth. Middle aged people…we like our comforts! We decided that fish and chips and mushy peas would go down a treat and warm us up too, and so we were the eager first diners of the evening at Fish! restaurant in Borough Market, yum yum!

It is an amazing view from The Shard, and here’s what it looks like. Don’t just zoom around with your mouse, this page also slowly pans across by itself, you’ll see. If you look really closely and squint at a certain point, you may see me leaning out of my window, waving my frilly knickers at you. : )

The View.

Dollymopp xxx British Escort UK